Rooftop Merckt, a unique location 

Rooftop Merckt offers quality down to the smallest details. We combine fine dining with breathtaking views and Groningen’s characteristic hospitality in the city centre.

Thanks to our central location at the Grote Markt 33, we can easily be reached by private and public transport. 

Award-winning design 

Rooftop Merckt is located on the sixth floor of Merckt. The distinctive yellow paving stone characteristic of the city center of Groningen can be found throughout the building. Merckt’s slender arches subtly refer to the famous arches of the Martini Tower and Groningen’s town hall.

Rooftop Merckt’s open glass roof is of stunning Italian design, allowing you to enjoy an ever-changing panoramic view.

You can enjoy Rooftop Merckt at many different times. We are open for lunch, dinner and exclusive gatherings five days a week. 

Mondays and Tuesdays available for private bookings.