– August 13, 2021 – 

Your privacy is incredibly important to Rooftop Merckt Horeca B.V. Naturally, we comply with all existing privacy laws. This means your data is safe with us and you can trust us to only use your data responsibly. In this privacy statement, we’ll explain how we use information supplied through the Rooftop Merckt website. 

If you have any questions or would like to know exactly what we keep track of, please contact Rooftop Merckt Horeca B.V. 

Personal data consists of all information about an identified or identifiable natural person (henceforth, “You”). We process your personal data in the following cases: 

1) When you reserve a table, space or room or request a quotation regarding the reservation of one of our rooms; 

2) When you apply to a job vacancy through our website; 

3) When you buy a gift card through our website; 

4) When you contact us (you’ll first be redirected to your mailbox via the website); 

5) When you visit our website in any other way. 

When using our website in any of the aforementioned ways, we process the following personal data: 

• Title; 

• Name, company name; 

• Date of birth; 

• Phone number; 

• E-mail address; 

• Address (home or business address); 

• Credit card details; 

• Payment information; 

• Date and time of reservation; 

• Number of people; 

• Indication of disabled persons; 

• Information about work experience and work interests; 

• Optionally, information provided in the comment fields; 

• IP address, preference settings (for more information, see “Cookies”). 

Processing purposes 

We process your personal data for the following purposes: 

• Reserving or requesting a quotation: when you make a reservation or request a quotation through our website, we process your personal data. This processing occurs to serve our interests as a business; namely, to carry out our standard business operations—registering and managing reservations and quotations. Data may also be processed to execute our part of an agreement you have entered into with us, to adhere to a legal obligation or with your consent.3 

• When entering into a (labor) contract: when you make a purchase via our website or apply to one of our job vacancies, enter into an agreement with us or intend to enter into an agreement with us, we need to process your personal data. 

• Customer service: when you contact us, we process your personal data to process your question, comment or complaint. This processing may be necessary in the context of the performance of an agreement with you or to defend our legitimate interests; namely, the performance of our standard business operations—providing customer service. 

• Improvement of our online services: when you visit our website, your personal data is processed by means of cookies. This processing is necessary to defend our legitimate interests; namely, to carry out our standard business operations—providing a well-functioning online environment. 

• Marketing: we may use your personal data to send newsletters, promotions or offers. We do this solely with your consent or, where permitted, based on our legitimate interests; namely, to carry out our standard business operations—marketing activities. 

We always ask for your explicit consent before processing special personal data. 

Would you like to know why we have an interest in using your personal data? We’d love to explain it to you. You can contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this page. 

If we process your personal data for other purposes, we’ll inform you in a timely manner. If necessary, we’ll ask for your permission (again). 

Provision of data to other companies or institutions 

We do not disclose your personal data to other companies or institutions, except where necessary for the proper functioning of our website or if we are legally required to do so (for example, if the police demand us to do so in the event of a suspected crime). 

Some partners are based outside the European Union. Social media buttons are incorporated into our website. The administrators of these services use them to collect your personal data. 


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that we use to store information, so you aren’t required to keep submitting your information. They also tell us whether you are a repeat visitor. 

When you visit our website for the first time, we display a notification providing information about our use of cookies. By browsing our website, you agree to the use of these cookies. 

You can disable cookies in your browser settings. Be aware, though, that some elements of our website will no longer work properly as a result. 

We have agreements concerning the use of cookies with other companies that use cookies. Nonetheless, we do not have complete control over the way they use cookies. It is important, therefore, to also read their privacy statements. 

Google Analytics 

We use Google Analytics to track how visitors use our website. We have entered into a processing agreement with Google. It contains strict agreements as to what they are allowed to keep track of. We allow Google to use the Analytics information obtained for other Google services. We have requested Google to anonymize the IP addresses. 


The security of personal data is of great importance to us. We ensure that your data is secure with us. We continuously update our security and are attentive of what could go wrong. 

Changes to this privacy statement 

Of course, changes to our website could result in the need to amend our privacy statement. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the date above and regularly check to see if there are any new versions. We’ll do our best to announce changes separately as well. 

Access to, modification, and deletion of your data 

If you have any questions or would like to know what personal data we possess about you, please contact us at any time. See our contact details below. 

You have the following rights: 
— To get an explanation of what personal data we have and what we do with this data 
— To gain access to the exact personal data we have about you 
— To have errors corrected 
— To have obsolete personal data deleted 
— To withdraw consent 

— To object against a particular use of your data 

Please make sure to always clearly state who you are, so we can be sure we aren’t modifying or deleting data belonging to the wrong person. 

Filing a complaint 

If you feel that we are not or have not been helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor. This supervisor is referred to as the Data Protection Authority. 

Contact details 

Rooftop Merckt Horeca B.V. 
Grote Markt 33, 9712 HP, Groningen 

T: +31 (0)50 200 32 16